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This Placid Horror
Post-Hardcore July 20, 2011
Desolate, real, unmistakeable and without stare
The Next Big Thing
Acoustic Indie July 23, 2013
But my mind's on coming home to you
The Architect
Punk June 27, 2013
Open your eyes and see the broken world around you
Dancefloor Demon
Nintendo Dance Pop January 10, 2013
Better get yourself up on the floor
Your Song
Acoustic Rock September 24, 2012
It always ends the way it began
Everything's a Lie
Indie October 31, 2012
I can tell you something about the real world
Bridges Water Crossing
Acoustic (Live) July 04, 2011
Here comes the rain to bring about the fall
The High Seas
Electronica June 10, 2012
So lost in thought I thought you'd never come back
The Sunrise
Soft Rock August 18, 2008
We talked 'till the sun wasn't there and it came on back again
Lower Middle Class Ghetto
Acoustic September 13, 2010
Won't you be obliged to come and live here with me